Projects which started production but now on hold due to the Covid-19 crisis;

Director/Cameraman - A Life Abroad (3rd series, six part TV series for Gibraltar Broadcasting Corp about successful Gibraltarians who live in UK)

Cinematographer - Faith and Life (Six part documentary TV series for USA broadcaster EWTN)

Cinematographer - Spiritual Warfare (Feature length docudrama for USA broadcaster EWTN)
Please note this list does NOT include Music videos as I have directed and filmed to many to list. It also does NOT include many of corporate/promotional/advertising videos I have filmed over the past ten years as that list is long as well.

2020 Producer - A Life Abroad in Lockdown (1 hour TV special for Gibraltar Broadcasting Corp)
2020 Cinematographer - Denman International hair and beauty campaign filmed in Dublin
2020 Cinematographer - Faith and Life (TV Pilot for EWTN Ireland)
2020 Director/Cameraman – Royal Gibraltar Police (Recruitment campaign)
2019 Director/Cameraman - A Life Abroad (2nd season, six part TV series Gibraltar Broadcasting Corp)
2019 Cinematographer - Hope (Feature length docudrama - broadcast by EWTN USA)
2019 Director/Cameraman – Royal Gibraltar Police (Drink Drive TV campaign)
2018 Director/Cameraman - A Life Abroad (Six part TV series Gibraltar Broadcasting Corp)
2018 Cinematographer - Bravery Under Fire (Feature length docu-drama - broadcast by EWTN USA)
2018 Director/Cinematographer – This Modern Life (Short - Alfaparf show production)
2018 Director/Cameraman Gibraltar Calling London (1 hour music industry documentary)
2017 Cinematographer - Gibraltar Telecom TV Commercial
2017 Cinematographer - Coral TV Commercial (Second unit Latvia)
2017 Director/Cameraman - Fishing for Passion (TV pilot)
2017 Cinematographer - There’s Something About The Virgin Mary (Short)
2015 Cinematographer - The Dogs (Short)
2015 EPK and production stills - Prison Door (Short)
2015 Cinematographer - Jamaica (Short)
2015 Cinematographer - Braxton (Feature) (Second unit)
2015 Cinematographer - Family (Short)
2014 Cinematographer - Trespasses (Short)
2014 Cinematographer - Empire State (Short)
2014 Cinematographer - Butterfly (Documentary short)
2013 Cinematographer - Respite at Christmas (Short)
2013 Cinematographer - To Lose Control (Short)
2013 Director/Cinematographer/Writer - A Sycamore (Short)
2012 Director/Cinematographer/Writer - Mobius (Short)
2011 Director/Cinematographer/Writer- The Box (Short)
2011 Director/Cinematographer/Writer - Remorse at Dawn (Short)
2010 Director/Cinematographer/Writer - The Elevator (Short)